Aero-Pioneer Group offers aircraft leases, custom charter flights, as well as comprehensive last-Leg logistics in East Africa and neighboring countries. Using our own growing fleet of specialized aircraft, augmented with a wide selection of partner aircraft, we are proud to have earned a solid reputation for our cost effective, reliable, safe, and rapidly deployable solutions.

The company's aircraft are flown by our pilots, and maintained by our company's mechanics at our heavy maintenance facility in Tanzania, as well as through our strategic partnership with Fields Airmotive in South Africa. In cases where additional types of aircraft are required, we leverage our handpicked network of partners and their resources. By controlling all aspects of operations in-house and through carefully selected trusted partners, we are able to incorporate and enforce aviation and logistics best-practices in our daily operations, resulting in a flexible, fast, and reliable operation that can respond to any logistics requirement without compromising safety.

As a result, our partners rely on Aero-Pioneer Group for both long-term contracts with advance planning and known volumes, as well as last minute emergency projects where any delay in execution and delivery can be detrimental.

We are proud that the combination of our global aviation expertise, regional know-how, and local executive presence has catapulted the company to become the recognized trusted partner for large corporations, as well as global NGOs operating in East Africa and neighboring countries for both their short- and long-term air logistics needs.