Aero-Pioneer Group


The chairman of the company has been at the forefront of aviation for 25 years. A thoughtful operator, he has lived his vision of providing constructive aviation services, often to communities who are most in need.He is known and respected by the international aviation community as well as a comprehensive list of East African governing and regulatory agencies. He has operational experience in every aspect of international aviation operations, regulations and development. He has founded and successfully operated US and international airlines, as well as aviation relief efforts. He most recently served as a Start-up CEO, living in West Africa and leading a West African based airline from inception through all levels of certification, culminating with the “Demonstration” Phase of their development. Whether in the US, Haiti and the Caribbean, Afghanistan or Africa – he has a track record of success.

Chief Strategy Officer

Aero-Pioneer Group's CSO has built his career for the past 27 years in aviation management and business development. He started his career as a commercial pilot in Canada and moved to Africa in 1999. Since then, he has operated extensively in various countries in Africa. His deep experience as a hands-on executive operator, combined with a deep understanding of Africa makes him uniquely qualified to run Aero-Pioneer Group's growth strategy. In his early career, after graduating from Aviation Management College in Canada, he began work as a commercial pilot in Canada. He moved to Africa in 1999 and subsequently moved into business development and spent much of his time traveling throughout East Africa ensuring operational integrity and leveraging his extensive local network for new business opportunities. The company’s CSO has flown 18,000 flight hours in some of the world’s most challenging operational conditions. His extensive hands-on aviation experience, African network and local knowledge are critical to Aero-Pioneer’s success.

Chief Operating Officer

The company’s Chief Operating Officer grew up in the aviation business in a privately owned regional airline in the United States, and frequently traveled with his father for work. His early exposure to the aviation industry guided his college path where he studied Commercial Aviation with a degree in Aviation Management. After college, he launched his career in aviation and quickly became a technical aviation audit and process expert. Working for US based aviation companies, and as the subject matter expert in resolving operational and commercial issues, and as the go to person for devising and implementing operational strategies in foreign operations, he was frequently dispatched to the field and spent significant time in Afghanistan and Africa. His operational expertise and extensive background in business development, commercial aviation realities of Africa, and aviation strategy make him a unique asset to the company’s success in the region.