Last Leg Logistics

Completing Your Logistics Chain

Logistics support for delivering cargo to most major ports or cities in East Africa and neighboring countries is readily available through a variety of well-established global providers. The challenge is usually delivering the cargo from these major hubs to the various destinations in the region where the infrastructure is typically lacking, ground transport is slow and unreliable, landing strips are short and unimproved or non-existent, and the environment may be hostile.

Last-leg logistics is the most challenging aspect of logistics in East Africa. In addition to aviation and ground expertise, last-leg logistics requires a deep understanding of the region, a strong local presence, and a rich network of regional partners.

Aero-Pioneer Group offers comprehensive last-leg logistics to corporations and large NGO's in East Africa. Through our operating subsidiary, Aero-Pioneer of Africa (APA) and with the help of our carefully selected regional partners, we offer everything from custom clearance to delivery of your cargo to the most remote locations of the region. With a strategically selected fleet of operationally effective aircraft that offer a flexible mix of capabilities and capacity, APA has the ability to respond to your needs in record time and with the most competitive prices.

Contact us for a complementary consultation on how we can help with your logistics needs in East Africa to find out why APA is the fastest growing air logistics provider in the region and how we have earned the reputation of being able to deliver anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstances.