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Anytime, Anywhere, Under Any Circumstances

Aero-Pioneer Group provides custom charters through it's operating subsidiary, Aero-Pioneer of Africa (APA). APA has earned a regional reputation for our ability to quickly implement safe and cost effective custom charter flights for projects of any size, and for any type of destination. The APA team's 20 years of experience of flying in Africa provides the company a level of foundational expertise that is unmatched in the region. We specialize in providing last-minute or planned logistics support for remote, rugged, hard to reach, and as hostile regions.

We are proud that the combination of our global aviation expertise, regional know-how, and local executive presence has catapulted the company to become the recognized trusted partner for large corporations as well as global NGOs operating in East Africa and neighboring countries, for both their short- and long-term air logistics needs.

Contact us for a complementary consultation on how we can help with your logistics needs in East Africa and you will quickly understand why APA is the fastest growing air logistics provider in the region and how we have earned the reputation of being able to deliver anytime, anywhere, and under any circumstances.